Indicator Commands

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Use these commands to work with Observables and Indicators when building a custom integration.

Submit Observables

POST /1.3/indicators

Description: Submits Observables to TruSTAR and can include information such as when seen, tags, and notes.

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Enriching Observables

These next two commands search TruSTAR Enclaves for Indicators and receive all available enrichment about them, including data from external intelligences sources that the user has access to in TruSTAR.

You can also use these two commands to search TruSTAR Enclaves for Indicators using filter conditions, such as Indicator type, Enclave, or tags, and then return that information.

Get Indicator Summaries

POST /1.3/indicators/summaries

Description: Provides structured summaries about indicators, which are derived from intelligence sources on the TruSTAR Marketplace that the user has access to.

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Get Indicator Metadata

POST /1.3/indicators/metadata

Description: Provide metadata associated with an indicator, including type, value, priority level, count, sightings, first seen, last seen, Enclave IDs, and tags.

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Search Indicators


Description: Searches for all indicators that contain the given search term. If no search term is provided, the search will filter on other (optional) parameters, from and to dates, Enclave, and tags. Results are ordered by last seen time, descending.

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Add Observables to Safelist

POST /1.3/whitelist

Description: Adds the submitted list of Observables to the user's Company Safelist.

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