Viewing an Intel Workflow

Updated 1 year ago by TruSTAR

The Intel Workflows screen lists all workflows for your organization. You can either scroll through the list to find the one you want or you can use the search bar to locate it.

Anyone can view Intel Workflows. You must be a Company Administrator in TruSTAR to create, edit, and delete Intel Workflows.

To view the contents of an Intel Workflow, click anywhere in its box. This expands to show the details of the sources, transformations, and destinations. Clicking again collapses the information display.

To copy the Enclave ID or API key/secret for the Intel Workflow, click the clipboard icons next to the item you want to copy. You may need to copy this information to set up a Workflow App as a destination for the Intel Workflow.

To regenerate the API key and API secret, click Regenerate.

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