6.1 Interfaces: REST API

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The TruSTAR REST API supports programmatic access to the full range of TruSTAR capabilities. The REST API offers a set of unified endpoints that you can use to access, clean, and normalize intelligence across multiple sources, then send it to specific destinations, such as teams, tools, or TruSTAR Enclaves. 

To develop custom scripts or apps, you can choose either of two techniques:

Custom Integrations

TruSTAR’s API is designed to easily integrate with most common categories of workflow tools. It includes bundled API endpoints that streamline the number of API calls you need to execute to build powerful, efficient use cases. 

The TruSTAR Partner Resources Portal explains how to use the REST API to integrated with different types of security tools: 

TAXII Support

The TruSTAR platform also includes a complete TAXII infrastructure built on that API that you can use as a no code seamless, bi-directional integration via a TAXII server or client. 

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