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The Cases panel lists all the cases you have saved and shared within your organization. You can see the Cases tab from the Navigation Bar in the TruSTAR Web App.

Saving a Case

You can save any analysis you have worked on in the TruSTAR Web App as a case. This enables you to return later for more analysis and review or to share the information you've gathered with team members.

To save an analysis as a case:

  1. Click Save to the right of the graph search box above the timeline.
  2. In the Save Case dialog box, enter a case name or title.
  3. Click Save.

The saved case will appear in the Cases panel on the left which is the second tab down.

Sharing Cases

From the Cases panel, you can share saved by clicking the email button.

This displays the Share Case dialog box that you can use to share the case via email and add a message to the recipients. A shareable link is also provided for use in chats or ticketing systems.

If the timeline has been modified before saving an analysis as a case, that case will only show the modified time range. You cannot restore the original date range.

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