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In the explore view in TruSTAR station you can see a cases tab. The cases section contains all cases you have saved and shared within your organization.

Save and Share

Analyses done in Station can be saved as a case for additional future analysis and review. To save an analysis after completing research click the save button to immediately right of the graph search box above the timeline.

A Save Case dialog box will appear. Type in a case name or title, hit Enter or click the Save button to the right of the field. The saved case will appear in the Cases panel on the left which is the second tab down.

From the Cases panel, users can share previously saved analyses by clicking the email button.

This will bring up the Share Case dialogue box, which allows users to directly share the analysis via email and optionally include a message. A shareable link is also provided for use in chats or ticketing systems.

If the timeline has been modified before saving an analysis, the saved analysis will only show the modified time range and other analysts won’t be able to get back to the original date range.

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