Report Commands

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When building an integration betwee the TruSTAR platform and a third-party tool, you can use these commands to manipulate reports.

Submit Report

POST /1.3/reports

Description: Submits a new Intelligence Report to TruSTAR based on an event in an external tool and returns the ID it has been assigned in the TruSTAR platform. You can choose to let the user do this action automatically or manually.

Link to API documentation

Copy Report

POST /1.3/reports/copy/{id}

Description: Copies an Intelligence Report to another Enclave. All properties of the report, including tags, will be copied. A reference to the original report is stored with the copy, allowing TruSTAR to track the relationship between the original report and copies made from it.

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Move Report

POST /1.3/reports/move/{id}

Description: Moves a report from one enclave to another, including all tags in the report.

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Redact Report

POST /1.3/redaction/report

Description: Removes terms from a report using the user's redaction library. All terms from the redaction library are applied to the title and body of the specified report.

You can combine the Redact command with the Submit, Copy or Move commands to redact the Report as part of a larger action.

Link to API documentation

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