Submit Report to TruSTAR

Updated 3 months ago by Sachit Soni

TruSTAR offers one API command to submit a new report to TruSTAR, based on an event in an external tool.You can choose to let the user do this action automatically or manually.

Submit Report

POST /1.3/reports

Description: Submits a new Intelligence Report, and returns the ID it has been assigned in the TruSTAR platform. You cannot add tags to a report submission.


The integration must include a configuration page where the user can define the following:

  • Ability to manually or automatically submit an Indicator. TruSTAR recommends providing a checkbox for automatic submisstion of Indicators.
  • One or more Enclave IDs where the Indicator will be stored in TruSTAR. TruSTAR recommends naming this field Submission Enclave IDs.

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