Emailing a Report

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You can email an Intelligence Report to one or more addresses at the time you create the Report or when you are viewing an existing Report in the TruSTAR Web App.

Emailing a New Report

When you are filling out the information to submit a new Report, you can share it with others by checking the Email Incident Report box on the second screen of the Report submission process.

When you click Submit, your default email client launches and emails the new Report to the specified addresses.

Emailing an Existing Report

To email a Report you are viewing, use this procedure.

  1. In the top left corner of the details panel, click the 3-dot icon to display a dropdown menu.
  2. Click Update Report. (If you don't see it, then you do not have the user permissions to email or share this report).
  3. Click Next at the bottom of the Update Report window.
  4. Check the Email Incident Report box near the top right of the edit screen.
  5. Click Submit to finish the update.
  6. In the warning box that displays, click Yes, I'm sure to continue.
  7. In your email client window, enter the email addresses you want to send this report to.
Email addresses you enter are not saved in the Report or in TruSTAR. If you want to send updated versions of this report later, you must repeat the above procedure.
  1. After the email is sent, you are returned to TruSTAR and see this text box.
    Choose which option you want (usually No, cancel) to finish this procedure.

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