Change Report Distribution

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You can use the change report distribution feature to share reports to both internal and external collaborators. Reports can be shared internally with one or multiple enclaves to which a user belongs or to the Trustar community. Users can also send reports externally to partner companies and other stakeholders via email share feature.

Change Distribution

Reports can be limited to one or all of the Enclaves to which a user belongs or distributed to the wider TruSTAR Community. To remove an Enclave, simply click the “x” next to the Enclave name. To add a new Enclave you belong to, click in the field and a dropdown will appear in which the desired Enclaves can be selected.

Release to Community

If the user wishes to share to the broader Community in order to gain access to additional context and correlated IOCs click to check the box next to Submit to Community.

Distribute Externally via Email

Reports can also be emailed at the time of creation in order to share with external collaborators by checking the Email Incident Report box. Your default email client will launch with the report populated when you click Submit.

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