Python SDK

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The TruSTAR Python SDK is a Python package that can be used to easily interact with the TruSTAR Rest API from within any Python program.

The TruSTAR Python SDK is compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3; however some of the example scripts that use the package specifically target Python 2.

The source code and instructions for configuring the SDK can be viewed on GitHub at

Release notes can be found at

Getting Started

You can use the Quick Start page to walk through the process of setting up the TruSTAR Python SDK and running a simple program to establish that the setup succeeded.

The SDK documentation also provides examples for common use cases.

SDK Coverage

TruSTAR provides technical documentation for the Python SDK on the TruSTAR website.




The trustar class provides methods for working with Reports, Indicators, and other information in the TruSTAR platform. For each API endpoint, there is a method on this class for making calls to it. 


These classes model the various types of objects (reports, indicators, etc.) that are present on the TruSTAR platform.

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