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How many lookups do I get from VirusTotal in our membership?

You can enter your credentials for VT in TruSTAR Marketplace, and they will count against your allotment.

Can I set up a malware analysis sandbox for submitted files?

TruSTAR does not have a sandbox environment, but we can pull in reports from any sandbox tool you have into a private enclave.

If I want to replicate data from our instances to a local MISP, would there be an added cost?

TruSTAR does not charge extra if users want to replicate our data based on volume/quantity.

Is there a TruSTAR to MISP/ELK integration?

No, TruSTAR only offers a MISP to TruSTAR integration. You can use TruSTAR's Python SDK to build a script to take data from TruSTAR and send it to MISP/ELK. 

Is ELK on the integrations roadmap?

No, not currently. Users are able to use our SDK to write a script to enrich ELK data.

Is TheHive on the roadmap for integrations?

No, not currently. This can be explored upon further request.

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