IOC List View

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The List View of the IOC Panel provides basic information for each Indicator: the Enclave where it is stored, total sightings, tags, and notes. When in List view, you can use choices in the Filter and Refine panel on the left side of the window to hone in on the items of most interest to you.

Total sightings indicate the number of times the Indicator has appeared in your Enclaves, including sources.

The menu bar in List view is located above the list of Indicators, on the far right.

The menu bar offers two options:

  • Refresh: Updates the list view. This is useful if you have been working on a hot-button investigation and want to see if any additional Indicators have been added while you were working.
  • Export: Downloads a .csv file with two fields, type and value.

Sort Options

The List view provides different ways to display the list of Indicators:

  • Most Recent, Last Seen
  • Least Recent, Last Seen
  • Most Recent, First Seen
  • Least Recent, First Seen

You can choose which way to sort the list by selecting one of the choices on the dropdown menu just below the List view Menu bar.

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