Managing Users

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As Company Admin the credentialing and editing of users is a simple process:

    1. Select the Settings tab in the drop down menu under your profile name (top right)
    2. Navigate to Users and you will be presented with a list of users in your company and the ability to:

      1. Add a New User
      2. Export All Users
      3. Reset Password
      4. Send Confirmation 
      5. Edit User Permissions
      6. Deactivate Users
      7. Delete Users
    3. Adding a new user will open a window with fields of data to complete. Here Company Admins will be able to fill out Basic Information such as name and email address. Other details such as role and permissions are able to be configured.
      1. Roles include:
        1. User - Will have access to the TruSTAR company data and features
        2. Company Admin - Will have the ability to credential as well as subscribe/unsubscribe to sources in Marketplace in addition to User privileges
      2. Enclave permissions include:
        1. None - No access and will not appear for user
        2. View Only - User will only have view privileges with no edit functionalities
        3. Full Access - User will have full privileges to manipulate the data within the selected enclave
    4. Editing a user will open a filled-out user profile window. Here Company Admins will be able to edit users basic information, role, and permissions.
    If you are experiencing trouble receiving the confirmation email when 'Sending Confirmation' or 'Resetting Password', please check  your spam. Email communication is sent across the following IPs:,,,

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