Company Whitelist

Updated 3 weeks ago by Shimon Modi


You can manage your company's whitelist using this feature. You can upload individual IOCs or bulk upload a list of IOCs to let the system know that they should never be processed for your company users. You can also delete any items from your whitelist library if you believe it was whitelisted in error.

Whitelisting applies to the 'correlation count' and the graph visualization.
We currently do not support wildcard or CIDR block whitelisting at the company level.


  1. Go to your user name in the top left corner and click on the Settings.
  2. Click on Whitelist menu item in the left hand side list.
  3. You can add individual IOCs by clicking on Add Term button.
Modifications to the whitelist library will affect all users in your company.
Clear All will remove all IOCs from your library.

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