API Usage Policy

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The TruSTAR REST API lets you submit data and retrieve reports and IOCs from our platform. To ensure quality of service for our users, TruSTAR has implemented controls for API usage. 

Company API Quota

For organizations that have a company-level API quota, you can check your API quota through TruSTAR Station.

On the Navigation bar, choose User Settings, then choose Settings on the dropdown menu. Your quota resets every 24 hours at 12AM UTC. 

You can also use the API to check your quota. This call will not count towards your daily quota. 

Other exemptions that will not count towards the daily quota includes the following endpoints:

If your quota is insufficient, please contact us at support@trustar.co

API Submissions do not count against your API quota

Platform-Wide Rate Limit

The TruSTAR API enforces these limits:

  • 60 API calls per minute for a user
  • 1,000 API calls per 5 minutes at the IP level for a company

When usage exceeds one of these limits, TruSTAR returns a Too Many Requests (429) error code. The response body of the error code contain a field called waitTime, which represents the number of seconds you must wait before making another request.

"message": "Request limit exceeded for the current time period. Please wait 4000 milliseconds before making more requests.",
"waitTime": 4000

You can download the TruSTAR Python SDK and use it to gracefully handle this error code. 

If you need to increase your API limit, contact your TruSTAR account manager.

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