API Usage Policy

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TruSTAR's REST API lets you submit data and retrieve reports and IOCs from our platform. To ensure quality of service for our users, TruSTAR has implemented controls for API usage. 

Company API Quota

For companies that have a company level API quote, you can check your API quota through the TruSTAR front end by going here. You quota resets every 24 hours at 12AM UTC. 

You can also use the API to check your quota. This call will not count towards your daily quota. 

If your quota is insufficient please contact us at support@trustar.co

API Submissions do not count against your API quota

Platform Wide Rate Limit

TruSTAR currently supports throughput of 30 API calls per minute for a user and a 1,000 API calls per 5 minutes rate limit at the IP level for a company. An error response of Too Many Requests (429 - see below) is returned if a company exceeds this limit.

Python SDK

Please download our latest SDK as it will gracefully handle any errors returned due to exceeding the API limit. 

Too Many Requests (429)

This error code is returned when the user has exceeded their allotted requests for a given time interval. They can be adjusted to deal with periods of high load.

When this error is returned, the response body will contain a field called waitTime, which represents the number of seconds that the user must wait before making another request.

Sample JSON

"message": "Request limit exceeded for the current time period. Please wait 4000 milliseconds before making more requests.",
"waitTime": 4000

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