Exporting Report Data

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Exporting a Report

You can export a Reports to your local machine. This downloads a file containing the Indicators from the Report and all data sources, including Intelligence Sources, correlated Reports, and community Reports.

Supported Formats

  • JSON
  • STIX
  • TXT
  • FireEye TAP

Exporting from Graph Mode

  1. While you are looking at the Report in Graph view, click the three dots at the top of the Details pane. This displays a dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the export options you want to use.

The file is immediately downloaded to your local machine.

File Formats

This section explains each of the download formats for data export.


Data Exported

  • Report ID: Unique identifier generated by the platform for each report
  • Creation timestamp: indicating when the platform created the report
  • Report title
  • timeBegan timestamp: this is the time provided by the user when submitting a report. If user doesn't provide a time the Creation timestamp is used.
  • Status showing if report has been fully Processed
  • Report body
  • Submission source (API or Web)
  • List of extracted IOCs with type and value of each IOC

Example: report-ab7f60fa-0f11-4ebf-baf5-bed8dc0005fd.json


Data exported:

  • Report description

Example: report-ab7f60fa-0f11-4ebf-baf5-bed8dc0005fd.xml


Data exported:

  • Report title
  • IOCs extracted
  • Correlated intel

Example: report-ab7f60fa-0f11-4ebf-baf5-bed8dc0005fd.txt


Data exported:

  • Report ID
  • IOCs extracted
  • IOC type
  • Risk

Example: report-ab7f60fa-0f11-4ebf-baf5-bed8dc0005fd.csv

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