FAQ: TruSTAR for Phantom Cyber

Updated 6 months ago by Elvis Hovor

This document explains how to manually install the TruSTAR Workflow App for Phantom Cyber.

Manual Installation

TruSTAR recommends downloading the TruSTAR App from the Phantom App Store. Please contact support@trustar.co if you cannot download from that location and require a manual download of the App.

To manually install the app using a zip file you received from TruSTAR, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Home dropdown list in the top left corner of the Phantom window.
  2. Select Apps, then click Install App.
  3. Select the trustar.tgz file and upload it.
  4. Click Unconfigured Apps and search for TruSTAR.
  5. Click Configure New Asset.

You can now configure the TruSTAR App as explained in the User Guide.


Please reach out to support@trustar.co for any additional questions.

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