TruSTAR Community Chat

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To support our users, TruSTAR manages the TruSTAR Community channel on Slack, where you can ask questions or provide feedback about TruSTAR features, discuss use cases, and exchange tips with other TruSTAR users.

Accessing the Community Chat

  1. Navigate to the Community chat icon on the left sidebar in your TruSTAR station app.

This opens a popup window.

  1. Click Go to Community Chat to request entry to the TruSTAR Community Slack Workspace.
  • First-time users will receive an invitation to the chat via the email address used to log into TruSTAR.
  • For all other users, a new tab or window opens in Slack and displays the TruSTAR Community channel.
  1. Once the account is configured, the Slack workspace is accessible and you can edit your profile.
You can remain anonymous in the TruSTAR Community chat workspace by creating an alias and opting out of the optional email address and name fields when creating your profile.

Using the Community Chat

You can use the TruSTAR Community Chat for many purposes, just as in any Slack channel:

  • Start a new topic by asking a question, sharing a use case or an insight in the # general channel.
  • Join an ongoing topic using Slack’s thread feature and tap into the network of cybersecurity analysts.
  • Use Slack’s search capability to find questions or discussions related to your interests. Start a new discussion in #general if you can’t find an existing one.
Code of Conduct: We ask for all users to be respectful and cordial in their discussions and forums. Be appreciative of the diverse opinions on the platform, and agree or disagree in a polite and respectful manner. We strive to provide and maintain a positive and productive forum for our users.


Q. What happened to chat?

Four years ago, TruSTAR introduced a chat feature to facilitate user collaboration and communication on incidents and indicators of interest. Over the last few years, collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams have become more prevalent in the SOC workflows, reducing the need for a native chat feature in TruSTAR. Also, users gave us feedback that they wanted the power of the TruSTAR platform delivered within their chat and collaboration tools of choice, which aligns with our integration first product philosophy. We introduced our Slack integration in 2019 and have received positive user feedback and adoption.

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