UI Tour (with Links)

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You can use this page as the starting point for a tour of the TruSTAR Station user interface. Each of the links below opens in in a new tab so that you can easily keep your place on this page.

  1. TruSTAR Main Screen
  1. Report Basics: Reports are structured or unstructured data that contains evidence of an intrusion, called IOCs.
  2. IOC Basics: Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) are items like virus signatures, IP addresses, URLs, or domain names that, when found on a network or operating system, indicate a likely intrusion.
  3. Cases Panel: Investigations can be saved and shared as cases in Station.
  4. Dashboard
  5. TruSTAR Marketplace: Display the third-party integrations with TruSTAR. You can integrate TruSTAR into your existing cyber-intelligence applications or you can use third-party sources in TruSTAR Station.
  6. TruSTAR Community Chat: Links to the Slack channel for TruSTAR users.
  7. User Settings

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