Setting up a 'Service Account'

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TruSTAR's integrations and user management allows users to set-up a service account to utilize when configuring with the TruSTAR API. This practice enables companies to have a dedicated account for affiliated API keys and tracking.

Tip: We recommend setting up a separate service account for each integration and/or script. This prevents integrations from competing with each other for the per-minute API limit.

Credentialing a Service Account

As a company admin, creating a dedicated user account is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings'
  2. Select the 'Users' tab
  3. Select 'Add User'
  4. Fill out the fields below:
    1. Name
      1. For example:
        1. First name: Integration
        2. Last name: Splunk
    2. Email address
      1. Must be accessible to get account configured
      2. Can't use an email address already credentialed on the platform
      3. For example:
    3. Role
      1. We recommend the 'User' role for this purpose
    4. Enclave permissions
      1. This varies depending on which integration the service account is being set-up for. See that integration's technical documentation to understand what level of permissions will be required when setting up the configuration.
        1. No Access
        2. View Only
          1. Can only see reports but can not create nor modify data for that enclave
        3. Submission Access
          1. Can submit to and see data in the enclave but cannot delete nor modify
        4. Full Access
          1. Ability to read, write, delete, modify anything present in the enclave
  5. Once the account is set-up select 'Send Confirmation' in the user list

Example (Splunk Service Account)

A service account will will count against your company's user limit. To discuss increasing this limit please contact your account executive.

To read more on user management click here

Retrieve the API keys

  1. Navigate to 'Settings'
  2. On the left side panel select the API tab
  3. After agreeing to the terms you will be able to generate the API Key and Secret.

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