1. Overview

TruSTAR is an Intelligence Management Platform that eanbles users to easily ingest data from multiple sources for clean-up and enrichment and then send that data to internal workflows tools to enable automation.

How is TruSTAR different? 

TruSTAR differentiates from a traditional Threat Intelligence platform (TIP) primarily through the core tenets of Intelligence management. TruSTARs intelligence management process focuses on automating the process of data ingestion, preparation and scoring with other intelligence, and feeding it back to a destination.

Why is TruSTAR the best Intelligence Management solution?

  • Collect: API and integrations for collecting data
  • Prioritize: Super good at managing a huge variety of intel sources
  • Connect: Really good at automating workflows and integrations

How can TruSTAR help a SOC analyst?

  • One tool to manage all the data: sources, transformations, outputs
  • Customized intelligence pipelines that can be tailored to your organizational needs 
  • Accelerate automation within other security tools
  • Automate routine activities such as integrations, enrichment, and scoring

The TruSTAR Advantage

This positioning document looks at the capabilities of TruSTAR as an Intelligence Management Platform and then compares how TruSTAR stacks up against traditional Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) and with Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools.

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