Splunk v1.0.9 Release Notes

Updated 1 week ago by Elvis Hovor

New in Release 1.0.9

  • Improved ingestion Options - The updates provides our users with the ability to ingest not only TruSTAR reports but also their IOC list that were submitted to TruSTAR using IOC management. IOC management is a capability that allows users to submit large amounts of IOCs into TruSTAR as a collection. Users can now ingest their IOC lists into Splunk to be correlated against.
  • Splunk App Dashboard Update - The new App dashboard is more streamlined making relevant information more visible to the user. Users can now see the sources/enclaves from which indicators were ingested into Splunk.
  • Optimized Queries - The TruSTAR app is more efficient in data ingest and has optimized Splunk queries.

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