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Search features:

  • Results categorized by type. 
  • Search results are clearly categorized into IOC and Reports sections so that you can focus on results most relevant to you.
  • Our algorithm surfaces the most relevant information based on your search query. 
  • Search results include complete and partial matches. 


  • You can use wildcard (*) in the search term and you will see all results that match the wildcard. 
  • Wildcard searches are not simply exact string matches, but are based on character patterns matching between the characters specified in a query and words in our database that contain the same character patterns.

Advanced Search Options 

  • You can provide a search term in quotes “ ” to return exact matches only. 
  • You can also do multiple word search separated by SPACE and results will be ordered by the completeness of the match.
  • Searches can be done in two places on the TruSTAR platform. 
    • The first is left of the ‘Submit Report’ button, which allows users to perform global searches for data in the wider Community and in the Enclaves to which they belong. Simply click in the search box, type in the search term, and press enter. Results are displayed immediately below in the reports panel.
    • The other search that can be done applies to the constellation graph itself and it is found at the bottom above the timeline. 
    • This allows the user to search for specific terms or indicators in the exposed constellation they are viewing. It won’t search reports or indicators beyond what is visible.
    • When performing a search here, only nodes with entries matching the search term will be in color. All other nodes will be greyed out.

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