Phishing Triage API

Updated 1 year ago by TruSTAR

The extensibility of TruSTAR’s platform provides several different ways to respond to a user-reported suspicious email, allowing you to customize workflows according to your organization’s automation maturity level.

As part of the Phishing Triage Intel Workflow, TruSTAR offers the ability to access scored emails through our REST API. You can use three TruSTAR API endpoints to view email submissions, retrieve Indicators, and set triage status.

For detailed information and usage examples, please refer to the TruSTAR API Documentation.

Get Phishing Submissions

post /1.3/triage/submissions 

Get Phishing Indicators

post /1.3/triage/indicators 

Set Triage Status

post /1.3/triage/submissions/{submissionId}/status

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