Latest Release - v3.6.0

Updated 4 months ago by Beatriz Datangel

This was a major release (v.3.6.0) with a new look to Enclave Inbox, bug fixes and two tasks that will help us help our users.

Enclave Inbox

We have more ways to edit and configure enclave inboxes. This is available for both users and admins who have submission and full access on enclaves.

Why did we do this?

  • This is the first feature that implements new features of the revamped UI (check out the right hand sidebar with edit and delete functions)
    • Cool design, dude: The tagging is different, instead of just stacked input fields they are removable tags.
    • Yes, this is also available in dark mode
  • In-field editing of existing enclave inboxes
    • This previously required a delete and create again


  • Extraction issues
    • The Issues:
      • Certain customers have noticed that string values consisting on 40 zeroes in sequence were identified as SHA1 values
    • Customers have noticed that certain URL extractions (particularly URLs that contain emails in their query path) ignore the email in the query path
  • The problem:
    • Our extraction engine doesn't validate that SHA1 values aren't all zeroes
      • Our extraction engine incorrectly identifies URL with this specific pattern
    • The solution: We modified the extraction engine to ignore this value
    • Next steps: We plan on to taking a deeper look into redesigning the extraction model rather than band-aiding the current model with RegExs (regular expressions)


  • Spring Boot 2
    • As part of our technical roadmap, we identified several components that required library upgrades so they can benefit from the latest advancements. Many libraries are incompatible with previous versions so this process has to be done carefully in order to uncover edge cases that could arise in production
    • A big benefit of our migration (Spring Boot 1.5.x to Spring Boot 2.x) is the ability to introduce cloud enablement functions that weren't possible before. Other benefits include performance improvements, vulnerabilities patching, code simplification, etc.

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