Request to Archive Premium Intel Source

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You can request that TruSTAR archive the data from a premium intelligence source where your subscription has expired. This option allows you to retain the data that was loaded into your enclaves during the time you had a valid subscription.

The following premium intelligence sources do not support archiving:
Intel 471 Adversary Intelligence
Intel 471 Alerts
Intel 471 Malware Intelligence

Requesting an Archive

  1. Navigate to the TruSTAR Customer Service Portal.
  2. On the request form, fill in these fields:
  • Contact Us About field: Choose General as the reason.
  • Summary field: <Company name> + Archive Premium Intel Source Request. For example, Acme Corp Archive Premium Intel Source Request.
  • Description field: List of the premium intel sources you wish to archive
  1. Click Send to submit the the request.

Please allow 7 business days for changes to go into affect following the request.


Q: Once archived, where will the Enclave for that intel source appear?

A: The Enclave will be listed under My Enclaves on the Filter and Refine panel.

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