Overview: Demisto

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The TruSTAR Workflow App for Demisto is designed for security analysts and SOC teams seeking to automate detection, triage, investigation, and dissemination of security events. The TruSTAR App can help you normalize and fuse intelligence sources before they are sent to Demisto, making Demisto playbooks less complex, so they are easier to set up and maintain.


  1. Simplified playbooks
  • Ingest enriched intelligence from a single API endpoint to reduce playbook redundancy.
  • Customize data ingest and dissemination settings across full dataset.
  • Exercise granular control over data setting for more precise and resilient playbooks.
  1. Streamlined automation
  • Automatically ingest, extract, enrich, normalize, prioritize, and take action on Indicators.
  • Eliminate the manual work of data normalization and preparation, making it easier to automate actions off of highly-scored events or indicators
  • Leverage Priority Scores and Normalized Indicator Scores to automate intelligence vetting.

Getting Started

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