How to Submit Reports on TruSTAR

Updated 1 week ago by Sachit Soni

Analysts who use TruSTAR report saving 4 hours on investigations per week when they use TruSTAR to enrich investigation data.

How does it work? TruSTAR automates data ingest and extraction, eliminating the need for copy/paste and toggling between multiple tabs and tools.

Here are four easy ways to get started:

  • Enclave Inbox - Forward suspicious phishing emails or Trust Group OSINT data into TruSTAR to get added enrichment. Learn more.
  • Google Chrome Extension - Highlight suspicious indicators in your browser to query if matching IOCs exists in TruSTAR. Highlight and right-click to submit data into TruSTAR. Learn more.
  • Slack App - Instantly query intelligence sources and submit data to TruSTAR to enrich investigations taking place in Slack conversations. Learn more.
  • Manual Ingest - Upload any file formal directly via the platform. Learn more.

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