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Sophisticated threat intelligence operations require integrating data from multiple sources of intelligence. Marketplace gives you easy access to a variety of intelligence sources, and a new portal for managing these data sources. Our ultimate end goal is to help you reduce data clutter easily and identify which sources benefit you the most.

To access Marketplace, click on Explore and you will see the Marketplace menu item in the list on the left.

You need to be a Company Administrator to subscribe or unsubscribe to an intelligence source on behalf of your company. 

After completing the steps the source will be available to (or removed for) all users in your company. Most of the intelligence sources on Marketplace will be available immediately upon subscription, but certain paid and proprietary intelligence sources will only be available after validation of API keys and credentials. 

You can check the status of your data sources in the Pending list under Marketplace. 

We will keep adding new sources to the Marketplace. Definitely let us know if we are missing the ones that you use every day.

Open Source Intelligence

  • A list of up to date RSS feeds from sources such as Malware Traffic Analysis, Broad Analysis, Contagio, Krebs on Security, ICS Cert,  Malware Domain List and many, many others.

Closed Source Intelligence

  • These sources can be added with valid credentials. Some examples include: IBM X-force, VirusTotal, Crowdstrike, Facebook Threat Exchange, etc. 

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