Scripts: Uploading Data

Updated 5 months ago by TruSTAR

The TruSTAR platform offers two scripts that you can use to upload data into Enclaves where you have access.

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Uploading from a .CSV File

Uploads each row of a .CSV file as a TruSTAR Intelligence Report or Indicator to the specified Enclave. You can map column headers in the file to fields in the Intelligence Report or the Indicator.

Example: You have a .CSV file with rows of structured data and want to upload the data into a private Enclave in TruSTAR.


Uploading from a Private Source

Connects any source of data to an Enclave and uploads Intelligence Reports or Indicators into that Enclave. Data sources can include ISACs or an intelligence feed such as your private server or a TAXII server.

Example: You might want to take all data between specific dates from a server in your organization and load that data into your private Enclave.

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