Splunk + TruSTAR Acquisition

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Existing Splunk + TruSTAR Customer Questions:

Q: How will TruSTAR customers benefit from Splunk acquiring TruSTAR?

A: Data from the TruSTAR intelligence management platform can be seamlessly integrated into SIEM and SOAR workflows to provide a single, consolidated view. The TruSTAR platform will be integrated into Splunk’s security portfolio, allowing Splunk customers to autonomously enrich their SOC workflows with threat intelligence data feeds from heterogeneous sources. Ultimately, this will reduce the time it takes for customers to detect and remediate issues before they impact the business.

Q: Does TruSTAR overlap or replace existing Splunk products?

A: TruSTAR’s products are complementary to Splunk’s security portfolio and Splunk is excited about collaborating closely to help our customers enhance the effectiveness of their SOC workflows to create a more secure enterprise.

Q: For existing Splunk+TruSTAR customers, does it matter if I have a Splunk on-prem or cloud deployment?

A: No, it does not matter but TruSTAR’s premier integration is with Splunk Enterprise Security.

Q: Are there any other threat intelligence sources I can integrate through TruSTAR if I’m an existing Splunk customer?

A: Yes, Splunk currently has partnerships with additional intelligence sources, such as Intel471, etc. 

TruSTAR Partner/ISAC/ISAO Questions:

Q: Will TruSTAR customers/partners/contracts be transferred to Splunk?

A: Yes, we plan to gradually transition customers/partners and commercial agreements over to Splunk.

Q: Do I still get my free TruSTAR Community Plus plan as part of my ISAC/ISAO membership?

A: Yes, your current ISAC/ISAO community membership will not change at this time.

Q: If I am a TruSTAR customer, will my technical support change?

A: No, your technical support does not change at this time. Please continue to work with your technical account manager/customer success manager or contact https://trustar.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals.

General Questions:

Q: If I’m not currently a Splunk customer, will I have to get Splunk products or can I keep using TruSTAR only?

A: No, you do not have to purchase Splunk products, but we are evaluating how TruSTAR capabilities can be further embedded into Splunk over time to benefit customers.

Q: Will integrations other than Splunk be supported?

A: Yes, Splunk will continue to support TruSTAR’s ecosystem of integrations.

Q: How will the integration impact cost going forward?

A: Splunk is evaluating TruSTAR product and pricing but cannot deliberate on any price changes at this time. 

Have other questions? Please reach out to your account executive or customer success manager if you have additional questions or contact us at https://trustar.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals, and we’ll continue to provide acquisition integration updates as more information becomes available.

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