TruSTAR App for Demisto FAQ

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This document answers some frequently asked questions about the TruSTAR App for Demisto.

Manually Installing the TruSTAR App

The following bundle is required for manual installation of TruSTAR App for Demisto.

TruSTAR recommends that you install the TruSTAR App from the Demisto integrations page. This ensures you have the latest App version and it is also easier to install.

Bundle Name



This file contains all the actions required to support TruSTAR instance in Demisto.

Uninstalling the TruSTAR App

  1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations in Demisto
  2. Click on Servers & Services.
  3. Find the TruSTAR instance and select it to disable it.


Q: Where can I locate logs for troubleshooting in Demisto?

You can download logs from the UI Settings--> About --> Troubleshooting but before that IMP: Change the log level to debug, try the failing scenario and then download the logs.

Q: How do I restart the TruSTAR App or the Demisto instance?

To restart, you have to either reconnect to the TruSTAR App or restart the service for Demisto. To start, stop, or check the status of the Demisto server, you can refer to the Demisto support notes.

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