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Updated 3 months ago by Elvis Hovor

Use the left-side Navigation Bar to move among the major features of the TruSTAR Web App.

The top section of the Navigation Bar provides one-click access to these features:

  • Reports: The default view in the TruSTAR Web App, this shows Intel Reports in the Enclaves you have selected from the list of Enclaves in the Filter and Refine panel.
  • IOCs: Lists Indicators in the selected Enclaves.
  • Cases: Displays your cases and cases shared with you by other users.
  • Dashboard: Displays detailed information about a selected Enclave.
  • Phishing Triage: Opens the panel where you can view and manage phishing emails as part of the optional Phishing Triage feature set.

The bottom section has links to these features:

  • Marketplace: Links to external intelligence sources and to applications that support a full integration with TruSTAR.
  • Community Chat: TruSTAR's Slack channel
  • Support: Topics ranging from FAQs to how to integration with third-party sources and software. This page you're reading now is part of the Support knowledge base.
  • User Settings: Managing users, API access, redaction, and other advanced features in TruSTAR.

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