Share a Report

Updated 2 weeks ago by Sachit Soni

Use these API commands to share reports to other Enclaves in TruSTAR. You can copy the report from one Enclave to another or move it from one Enclave to another.

Copy Report

POST /1.3/reports/copy/{id}

Description: Copies an Intelligence Report to another Enclave. All properties of the report, including tags, will be copied. A reference to the original report will still be stored with the copy, allowing TruSTAR to track the relationship between the original report and copies made from it.

Move Report

POST /1.3/reports/move/{id}

Description: Moves a report from one enclave to another, including all tags in the report.


The integration must include a configuration page where the user can perform the following actions:

  • Define one or more Enclave IDs where the Indicator can be moved or copied to in TruSTAR. TruSTAR recommends naming this field Destination Enclave IDs.
  • Select the specific Enclave ID to move or copy the Report to.

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