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You can use the Search bar at the top of the TruSTAR Station screen to find reports and IOCs that contain a specified term.

You can use the Filter feature to apply enclave, date, tags and IOC filters when searching. 

Basic Searching

Search return all results that have a complete match with the term you specified. The count of results returned is displayed directly below the Search bar.

  • Click the IOCs count to display IOCs that contain the search term.
  • Click the Reports count to display reports that contain the search term.

Searching with Wildcards

You can use the wildcard character * at the start or end of the search term to find partial matches. For example, if you want to search for all variants on a domain name, you can add a * after the main part of the domain. For example, you can use the term "acme.*" to find all occurrences of Acme URLs, regardless of whether they end in .com or .biz or another domain.

Advanced Searching

TruSTAR's Advanced Search allows users to utilize operators like AND, OR, NOT and precedence as part of their match criteria.

To utilize advanced search, you must type /tsquery before the query string.

Enter /tsquery followed by the search string you want to use, then press the Enter key to start the search.

Supported Operators

Search For Reports that...

Search Type


Contain a specific word in the report title


/tsquery title:<keyword1>

Have all specified terms (AND operator)


 /tsquery keyword1 + keyword2

Have at least one of the specified terms (OR operator)


/tsquery keyword1 | keyword2

Exclude the specified keyword


/tsquery keyword1 +- keyword2

Have multiple keywords, using multiple operands and apply precedence logic to the results


/tsquery keyword1 + ( keyword2 | keyword 3)

Contain a specific word in the report body


/tsquery body: <keyword1>

TruSTAR uses the Elasticsearch Search Query String format. Check this Elasticsearch support article for more information.

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